By-Election 2019 - Lerwick South / Arwed Wenger


I am Arwed Wenger. Some people have said I am a new Shetlander and I feel honoured by this. I love Shetland and its people.

When I first came to Shetland in 2006 it was just for a holiday. At the end of these holidays we had the idea of moving to Shetland. I have now lived here for more than ten years. I know Lerwick South and Gulberwick well.

Since 2014 I am an accredited tourist guide. I love to show Shetland’s beauty to other people and being an ambassador for Shetland.

From the first moment in Shetland I have had the ambition to make a positive contribution. My first activity was joining the project Shetland South Vision 2009.

I became a member, and later a committee member, of Shetland Field Studies Group. I have been to many areas of Shetland, have led tours and given talks. I have visited more than 20 islands of our archipelago.

In 2012 I wrote an open letter to the councillors with some ideas for a strategy for Shetland.

Since 2013 I have been a member of the Lerwick Community Council and was heavily involved in creating a cycling leaflet with the aim to make cyclists, car, truck and bus drivers partners in sharing the road.

I am a committee member of the Shetland Islands Tourist Guide Association (SITGA) and the treasurer of Transition Shetland and the Lerwick History Group.


I am interested in a strong and prospering local economy. I hold a degree in economics and my work before moving to Shetland was working out business finances, developing enterprises and business plans.
Tourism is a growing part of our economy.


A good education is crucial for our children and young people. The better the opportunities the more likely it is to attract young people to stay here. A good school, a broad view, modern apprenticeship, good further education these are factors for success in future.


A healthy future demands a healthy environment. We here in Shetland cannot solve all problems of the world, but we have some opportunities to do our bit.
Think of our most important industry: aquaculture. Whether it is catching or farming seafood, the outcome is highly dependent on the condition of the sea around Shetland. We need to treat this very great care.

Ecologically acceptable transport

This means for me convenient public transport, sharing cars, alternative transport systems, bicycles, … Very important seem to be the connections among the transport tools.
This includes fixed links for me too.

My personal offer to you

If I become elected, I promise as a councillor I will go out and do a redd-up one Sunday a month, and you can put in suggestions of where you think redd up is needed. You are welcome to support me to keep Shetland beautiful.

I will work towards Shetland being a strong community. A strong community can care better for its young, vulnerable, weak and old people. Many of them have done so much for us. I would like to give something back.