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Court / Farmer guilty after “Mexican stand-off”

A QUENDALE farmer has been found guilty of threatening and abusive behaviour after a trial at Lerwick Sheriff Court.

Sheriff Ian Cruickshank found Magnus Burgess guilty of deliberately lowering the loading arms of his tractor and recklessly driving towards a car occupied by two other farmers from the area. Both vehicles passed in close proximity narrowly avoiding a collision.

Taking four weeks to consider evidence from a number of witnesses at an earlier hearing, the sheriff found 69-year-old Burgess guilty of an amended charge.

The incident took place at Lund Croft on the Fitful track in Quendale on 19 August last year, while Burgess, of Lower House, Hillwell, had been bailing grass.

The sheriff said that there was clearly something going on involving Burgess and a neighbouring farmer and there had been a “Mexican stand-off in da Ness” between the vehicles.

He ordered Burgess to pay a caution of £1,000 which can be redeemed with interest if he is of good behaviour for nine months.