Alcohol licence renewal reminder

PEOPLE who have had a personal alcohol licence for nearly ten years have been reminded that they have less than two weeks to submit an application if they wish to renew their licence.

The issue affects people whose personal licences were issued on 1 September 2009 when the Licensing (Scotland) Act came into force, as there is a ten year expiry.


The deadline for renewal submissions is 31 May.

In order to renew a personal licence the licensee must undertake further refresher training.

The matter was discussed at Monday’s meeting of the Shetland licensing board and assistant clerk Paul Wishart said of the 152 personal licences due for renewal on 1 September, 62 applications had been received.

He said 45 licences had already been granted.

Some license holders, however, have already indicated that they have no intention to renew their licence.

Councillor Catherine Hughson said getting people to renew licences is a problem most local authorities across Scotland have.

“We need to recognise that it is a national problem, not just a local one,” she said.