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Music hub prepares to open

LOCAL music lovers are set to get the chance to browse and buy records and CDs again as a new not-for-profit shop in Lerwick prepares to formally launch in time for Christmas.

The Bop Shop on Harbour Street will act as a “music hub” for Shetland and it will stock second hand vinyls and CDs, merchandise from local music acts and eventually computer games and DVDs too.

It is hoped to also become a place where people can come to find out about local events, discuss music and meet up with like-minded people, while video game tournaments are also planned.

The idea is the brainchild of local trio Lyall Halcrow, Jamie Hatch and Thomas Jones, who took on the Bop Shop premises a couple of years ago from the local jazz club.

It will formally launch on December 23 between 12pm and 6pm, with semi-regular opening hours planned.

“Whilst it’s primarily a shop, we also want it to be known as a music and information exchange hub where anyone can come in and find out what’s happening with music locally, discuss/listen to music in general or even meet up with like-minded musicians to start projects of their own,” Jamie said.

“All three of us are deeply passionate about music so we want to provide a space where people can be passionate about it with us.”

The trio are all well-known on the local music scene – not just through performing, but in promoting and sound engineering too.

They are keen to take on any unwanted vinyl or CDs to add to their stock, with proceeds going back into the shop or into the local music scene, while people can also offer items to be traded or sold on their behalf.

“There is a thriving music scene in Shetland, but there hasn’t been a record shop since the closure of Clive’s,” Lyall added.

“For now we’re stocking a lot of second hand music, but also focused on stocking as much merchandise from local artists as possible.”

Thomas added that he thinks “Shetland would benefit from having a focal point for its music scene”.

“Following our opening day on 23 December, we want to increase the frequency of shop days and in-store events, and get to the stage of us being able to have the shop open regularly,” he said.

The team have spent a number of months renovating the inside of the building – which was also a fishing shop in its past life – thanks to help from joiner Anthony Peart and Lorna McKay, who painted the interior.

Anyone interested in donating vinyls, CDs, video games or DVDs can contact bopshopshetland@gmail.com or via Facebook or phone 07765800580.