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Letters / A few ideas for the old AHS site

Regarding the future use of the old AHS site, (Have your say on Knab plans; SN; 02/11/2017), I would like to suggest the following:


1 – Relocate the Shetland College from Gremista back to the Gressy Loan area. In all honesty I am not alone with putting forward this proposal and therefore I seriously recommend that both the pupils and staff who attend the current industrial zone Gremista college are treated to a sensible location preferably nearer civilisation.

I can’t imagine that the current buildings would not find alternative use if vacated and in any case the SIC network could easily be housed there instead of the long drawn 8 North Ness fiasco.

The unsuitable location at Gremista must be brought into proper consideration by our current elected leaders.

2 – Also the current multicourt hopefully can stay where it is and also perhaps the Shetland transport forum will consider using a part of the multicourt for a park and ride-type scheme. The old pipe yard area at Gremista is out of the question for such an idea to happen.

3 – Bells Brae school is also indeed of a major refurbishment programme or better yet extend Sound School to make one main super primary school for Lerwick. Some of the old AHS buildings could provide a temporary school to house pupils until a rebuild or extension to Sound school is put on the table. This subject is another priority for both SIC officials, parents etc. to discuss and could benefit Lerwick as a whole. Sooner the better.

4 – Mixed housing may also be an option but we have to remember the listed buildings in the surrounding area need to be kept free of new buildings or at least careful planning if new schemes were to be given the green light.

It will be interesting to learn what exactly will happen in this area of town but hopefully a scheme to suit all concerned will be the main focus.

Damien Ristori
Lerwick Community councillor