More NorthLink delays

The Hrossey.

THE LIFELINE ferry service between Shetland and Aberdeen is again being hit by delays as another spell of windy weather passes through overnight.

Heading for Lerwick, the Hrossey will now leave Aberdeen not before midnight and is expected to arrive in Shetland in the early afternoon on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the Hjaltland will remain berthed in Lerwick harbour until 8am on Tuesday before departing directly for Aberdeen, and not be calling at Kirkwall.

New check-in time for this sailing is between 9pm and 10pm on Monday.

Estimated time of arrival in Aberdeen will be late afternoon on Tuesday.

The late arrival will have a knock-on effect on Tuesday’s northbound to Kirkwall and Lerwick, which is scheduled to depart at 5pm.

Monday night’s sailing of the cargo boat Hildasay has been cancelled.

More information at www.northlinkferries.co.uk 

A detailed weather forecast can be found at: www.shetnews.co.uk/weather