NHS Shetland - Survey - March 2021

Letters / Failed supermarkets

With the state of the two supermarkets in Lerwick at an all-time low, there has never been a better time for local producers and shops to put the boot in and stock up for the festive period.

With Tesco putting all their fresh produce and much more out in what’s being suggested as a loss making click & deliver service, it’s almost a waste of time going there as the shelves are so depleted that you are forced to go to the once great Co-op, which is now even more dismally stocked, and where you get to play the game of finding a manned checkout.

I cannot speak for Tesco other than that they are taking a kicking all over the UK from Aldi and Lidl (not before time with their poor quality and ruthless bullying trading methods), but the situation at the Co-op is inexcusable given its ethos of democratic control and membership involvement.

Being involved with the Scottish Co-operative for many years, I can certainly say with crystal clarity that there is not a single Co-op member here in Shetland that voted for, or supports, the way the corporate Co-op entity in Manchester has trashed the Lerwick store, bringing it to such a dismal and pathetic shopping experience.

The days of getting a full shopping basket from the two failed supermarkets seem to have gone, at least for the moment – so now is the time to check out our local shops.

You will even find some goods cheaper than in the not-so supermarkets, and if you don’t see what you want ask if they will stock it – just mind and go back to get it!

Vic Thomas