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Drones over Shetland

A SHETLAND-based production company has launched the islands’ first aerial video service using drones.

Ronas Media, of Vidlin, say they are proud to be able to offer the most northerly commercial drone service in the UK, after filmmaker Simon Thompson gained professional qualifications and permission to work from the Civil Aviation Authority.

Thompson said: “I’m delighted we’ve got to the point of launching this exciting new service.

“We’ve put a lot of hard work into achieving the professional qualifications and specialist skills that enable us to provide these new opportunities to the public and industry.”

He said he would be offering his service to the public, film and television production companies, as well as industrial, survey, and archaeological work.

“We also plan to release our own films of Shetland from the air and incorporate aerial filming into our successful corporate and commercial video business,” he added.