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Airport car park full

Sumburgh airport's main car park on Friday morning.

THE OPERATORS of Sumburgh Airport are advising islanders not to use their own vehicle, as all the airport’s car parking spaces are full.

In an unusual move on Friday, airport manager Nigel Flaws said people connecting to flights out of Shetland should either use public transport or arrange for a lift to the airport.

The overspill car park at the airport memorial is also full to capacity.

Nearby Sumburgh Hotel has now offered its own car park as an overspill facility.

“If you have to use your own car make sure you arrive in plenty of time, as there is a shuttle service from the hotel in operation,” Flaws said.

The airport is also employing a car park assistant to advise people of the few spaces that become available from time to time.

The situation is only expected to ease at the end of next week, when most islanders return home from their autumn break.


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