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Letters / Sorry to burst your bubble

Sorry to burst your bubble, Douglas Young (Yes vote possible; SN, 27/01/14) but a YouGov poll in the Telegraph gives a different picture to your poll, no 61 per cent and yes 30 poef cent.

I prefer to go by the bookies’ odds, which are 11/2 for a Yes vote and 1/10 for a No vote; this is worked out by the complicated equation called the laws of probability, which I reckon is a lot more accurate than Salmond’s law of assertability.

One argument Douglas frequently throws at us is that Independence is NOT about Salmond and the SNP.

Well, I wholeheartedly disagree and these are the reasons:

• Who will lead the separation negotiations with the UK Government? The SNP.
• Who will lead EU accession negotiations? The SNP.
• Who will lead negotiations with other international organisations such as NATO? The SNP.
• Who wants all negotiations to be completed before the next Scottish election, so that agreements are set in stone, not to be undone by the next elected Scottish Government? The SNP.

Did anyone see Salmond’s Sky News interview? He said: “I will win the vote.” (The independence referendum vote)

Why is it all about him and what he wants?! Why is it not about the democratic will of the people of Scotland?

While I will vote ‘No’ and while campaigning for a ‘No’ vote, I respect that separation may be what the Scottish people decide.

Personally I think this is yet more proof that a vote for independence IS a vote for the SNP, and that independence has EVERYTHING to do with the Alex Salmond and the SNP.

Douglas, yes I did compliment you on the way you run your Yes Facebook page, but please tell the whole story. I also said I stopped commenting on the national Yes Facebook page because I received insults, intimidating comments and finally two threats to my person from trolls commonly known as cybernats who thank goodness don’t exist in Shetland.

You also forgot to mention that you who as a prolific commenter on the Shetland Better Together page do not receive rude, threatening or abusive comments in return.
You are welcome to do so and I hope that the polite, constructive and informed debate that usually ensues will continue on both pages.

Gordon Harmer,