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Coronavirus / Loganair to let passengers and staff decide on face coverings

The airline – as well as NorthLink and the council – is recommending passengers use masks when travelling

A Loganair flight preparing to take off from Sumburgh Airport. Photo: Shetland News

LOGANAIR says it will be up to passengers to decide if they want to use a face covering on board a flight once the legal restriction ends in Scotland on Monday (18 April).

However, the airline says it will follow government guidance to “strongly recommend” the wearing of masks.

On Monday the requirement for people to wear face coverings in Scotland in certain indoor public settings, like shops, and on public transport will end.

They will still be recommended, though, with first minister Nicola Sturgeon highlighting instances like crowded places and public transport.

Loganair is also giving crew members on board flights the choice between wearing one or not.

“It will become the choice of each Loganair customer, and each Loganair crew member, to decide whether they wish to wear a face covering aboard,” a spokesperson said.

“This will be the case unless more restrictive laws of any country to or from which we’re flying apply, or – in the case of Loganair’s charter flights – the charterer has determined that it wishes to mandate the wearing of face coverings for its travellers.

“Wearing of face coverings remains mandatory on all Loganair flights until this change takes effect on 18 April. We thank our customers in advance for their continuing co-operation.”

Meanwhile NorthLink Ferries is strongly recommending that face coverings “continue to be worn in our ports and ships particularly where significant numbers of people are present”.

“This is for the safety and wellbeing of fellow passengers and our crew,” the ferry operator said.

More locally Shetland Islands Council is also recommending for passengers to continue wearing face coverings while travelling on public bus services or in enclosed spaces on inter-island ferries.

“Passengers are asked to be considerate of others on board who choose to wear face coverings,” a spokesperson said.