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Police / Police chief clarifies serious crime comments

The vast majority of visiting workers have behaved ‘impeccably’, Clemenson says

Chief inspector Stuart Clemenson.

SHETLAND’s police chief has sought to clarify comments he made at a meeting earlier this week regarding serious crime in the isles.

Chief inspector Stuart Clemenson spoke at a meeting of Lerwick Community Council on Monday about how “incomers” – such as visiting workers – were behind a lot of recent serious crime.

Coverage of his comments received plenty of attention on social media, but Clemenson has since clarified his stance.

He reassured the community that whilst there have been a number of recent incidents involving external workers, “these individuals remain in the minority”.

“It would be inaccurate to say that Shetland has a problem with ‘outsiders’ causing issues, and the vast majority of workers have behaved impeccably,” Clemenson added.

“We will continue to respond to any reports of crime, no matter who commits it or where they may come from. Anyone with any concerns or incidents to report should call police on 101.”