Transport / Physical distancing to be removed from public transport from Monday

The Bressay shopper bus on the Bressay ferry. Photo: SIC

PHYSICAL distancing requirements will be removed on Shetland Islands Council’s public transport from Monday (9 August).

This means there will be no capacity restraints – beyond regulatory ones – on buses, ferries and planes.

In line with government guidance face coverings will still be needed.

From Monday the ‘correct fare only’ requirement will also be lifted on Shetland’s public transport, and change will be given on buses and ferries.

There will be improved ventilation on buses through filtration systems and open windows where possible, and enhanced cleaning will continue on all services.

Contactless payments are available on most mainline bus services, as well as inter-island ferry services and air services.

Scotland will move beyond level zero Covid restrictions on Monday, with social distancing set to no longer be a legal requirement.