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Education / High praise for lecturers and students

The 'green team' out cleaning in Scalloway in April.

LECTURERS and students from Shetland have been highly commended in the Highlands and Islands Student Association (HISA)’s annual awards.

Creative industries lecturer Paul Bloomer was highly commended in the “most engaging online lecturer” category and earned praise for being an “extremely professional, knowledgeable and engaging” lecturer.

One student described how he “built in a sense of security through his warm-hearted, gentle manner, using humour to ease any feelings of stress or pressure that we felt”.

The Shetland students’ green team were highly commended in the “society of the year” category, with one student praising how the team was able to carry on organising activities and events focusing on environmental awareness despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

Member Inne Withouck was praised for keeping the team going through a difficult year, including organising events and speakers for World Earth Day.

Dr Andrew Jennings of the Institute for Nordic Studies was highly commended in the “most engaging video conference lecturer” category, earning praise for encouraging student interaction.

One student described him as “hugely knowledgeable, motivating, fun and supportive” – going on to say Dr Jennings had a way of making all his students feel valued and included.

John Ratter was highly commended in the “best class representative” category and was described as very approachable and helpful in representing students in class and at various student meetings.

The HISA awards saw over 600 nominations received across the region and were judged by a panel consisting of staff, students and student officers from across the university.