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drew ratter

Drew Ratter
Shetland North

I am asking people in the North Mainland Ward to put a cross against my name as number 1 for Shetland Islands Council on 3 May. I think that means I should say a bit about myself.

I was the councillor for Delting West for 13 years, between 1994 and 2007. Throughout that time, I was always at the heart of the council. I showed myself to be a good team player, and I got things done. If I got a row, it was usually for doing something rather than doing nothing!

I have also enjoyed looking at leaflets from 1994, 2003, (I was unopposed in 1999), and 2007, where I had my material ready before I went to the Crofters Commission. There isn’t much there I would not stand behind today, and there is a lot of what I stood for that, with lots of help, were achieved.

There is a new Muckle Roe brig. Getting it was one of my 1994 pledges, and I opened it in 1999. There is a Voe pier, and a Brae Marina. Both great community assets, and both, er, opened by me! Scatsta Airport is thriving.

Looking at my ambitions for Brae, I can see that I had the right idea. Looking at what has been achieved, towards making it the commercial hub for the North Mainland, I underestimated what could be achieved. We now have Shetland’s second city in the north Mainland ward, with continuing growth, and a very successful six year school, which I worked for, and which then educated all my children, and nephews and nieces, now all mostly graduates and post graduates, to higher level.

I have to say that I don’t think there will be so many opportunities for publicly funded major projects nort ower over the coming five years. Should there be, I will spot them and fight for them, but happily, the private sector seems to have taken a lead in development in Delting for the mean time.

I was also much involved in groups who were involved in community development, and I am currently a Director of Northmavine Community Development Company (NCDC). NCDC is the most successful and well sustained of any of the bodies of this sort which have sprung up across Shetland. Some of the more peripheral parts of the ward still need public input, and I wonder whether the third sector (as the private/voluntary sector is now known) can assist? I would like to find out.

In the five years I have been away form the council, I have been the Chairman of the Crofters Commission. This has taught me a lot about how public organisations should be run, how budgets should be managed, and how to deal with central government. These are skills which I can bring to the council, and which I think will be valuable.

I have the skills, I have the experience, and I would love to get stuck in once again. We’re no’ dead yet!

Working Together for North Shetland and for all of Shetland

If elected, I will work together with other Councillors and council staff to achieve a great future for Shetland North and for Shetland.

The goal of the next council must be to provide fair, optimistic and responsible leadership for Shetland, to support all our communities making use of all our resources, taking advantage of all opportunities, and meeting all the challenges we face. A strong Shetland will mean strong communities across Shetland.

To support that, I will listen to all views, gather all the evidence, argue for sensible decisions, and fight to see them properly put into practice. I don’t believe in prejudging things, but have a lot of experience of how the council works, and I learn fast!

To find out more about where I stand on issues and to keep up to date with my campaign, log on to my website at www.drewratteravoiceforthenorth.com

Contact details:
Phone: 01806 544295
Mobile: 07768 551952
Email: drew.ratter@gmail.com