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Letters / Not convinced by Viking’s ‘compelling evidence’

Save Shetland are neither satisfied nor convinced by the disclosure of “compelling evidence” behind closed doors, provided by Strathclyde University and SSE.

Compelling evidence that risk of pollution from wind turbine blades is negligible, says Viking


Viking spokesperson Aaron Priest states in regard to the epoxy toxins, that “no such risks realistically exist” and “suggestions to the contrary appear to have been based on flawed data and some fundamental misinterpretations of known facts and recent academic research.”

The “flawed data” which he refers to, was written by The Turbine Group (TTG) and based on the University of Strathclyde’s report which was commissioned by the wind industry to focus on the effects of weather erosion on turbine blades for maintenance purposes.

SSE then commissioned the same university to write a further report, which now states that the basis of calculation by TTG is a “very significant overestimate and unrealistic assumption.”

These statements have been made without detailing which calculations were erroneous, and the TTG authors namely Asbjørn Solberg, Bård-Einar Rimereit and Jan-Erik Weinbach, stand by their findings and would very much welcome contact with either VE/SSE or the university for discussion on this significant risk.

Save Shetland
Ernie Ramaker