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Community / Can you help trace this bass? Marjolein searches for distinctive guitar stolen in Amsterdam

IT IS certainly one of the more distinctive bass guitars out there – the front is painted in bright green, yellow and red as it depicts a scene from Māori mythology.

Marjolein Robertson in the moment whilst on stage with the bass.

Marjolein Robertson lost her bass in traumatic circumstances back in 2014 when she was living in Amsterdam as thieves broke into her home and stole most of her possessions.

She has now taken to social media to see if anyone happens to know where the unique guitar may have ended up.

It was painted as a gift by her artist brother Dirk Robertson, who is known for his mythological imagery.

The back of the bass also featured a Māori themed painting – blues and purples depicting ‘sky father’ Ranginui.

As the four-string bass was salvaged after being thrown away, it is unclear what the make or model is.

It was later used by Marjolein – who is back living in Shetland having carved out a career in comedy – when she performed in local rock group Beef Cleaver.

She said it was stolen, alongside most of her other belongings, when thieves targeted her house when she was out at the cinema.

Marjolein said the bedroom was trashed and items were taken out of drawers and cupboards.

“To be honest I likely won’t find it, I just keep seeing folk on Twitter being reunited with items after using a similar method, and especially as this one has Dirk’s amazing artwork, I thought I should give it a shot,” she said.

“My fear is that it is so distinct that they would have opened up the bass case and thought ‘we’ll never sell this discreetly’ and baaled it in a canal, I’ve heard o that happening too.”

If you happen to have any information on the whereabouts of the bass, contact news@shetnews.co.uk.