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Community / Well-loved cat famed for trips around town seeks new home

A FRIENDLY cat which has become something of a local celebrity for prowling the shops and streets of Lerwick is seeking a new home.

Tommy the cat’s owner Emma Mackay is moving to Fort William for work at the end of January and she said she was faced with the hard decision of whether to take the feline or leave him in Lerwick.

Tommy having a paws for thought. Photo: Emma MackayTommy having a paws for thought. Photo: Emma Mackay

Mackay said she and her partner ultimately decided the best move would be to keep the free-roaming Tommy in Lerwick.

As a result, she is keen to find someone who lives near to Commercial Street to become Tommy’s “new home” who can provide 24/7 access.

Photos of the curious cat sauntering around Lerwick are regularly posted on Facebook, with the Adventures of Tommy page attracting thousands of followers.

Fundraising calendars with photos of Tommy have been made in the last couple of years and they have enjoyed interest across the globe.

Among Tommy’s favourite haunts in the last few years has included the Boots pharmacy, Harry’s Department Store, the Thule pub and Specsavers.

The two-year-old cat has also been photographed in a number of other bars, cafes, shops and other spots like Lerwick Police Station.

Mackay said that staff at the Thule Bar are happy to take in and feed Tommy during the day.

Puss in Boots? Tommy checks out the make-up section at the Lerwick pharmacy. Photo: Mandy RobertsonPuss in Boots? Tommy checks out the make-up section at the Lerwick pharmacy. Photo: Mandy Robertson

His new home would ideally provide around-the-clock access for when Tommy is not enjoying the comforts of the Thule.

“The 24/7 access is extremely important as he really does come and go as he pleases,” she said.

“I would also possibly prefer a home that doesn’t have any other animals as he is not a huge fan of other cats or dogs.”

“We have spoken with people in Fort William and they don’t think he will have the same life and luxuries that he has here in Lerwick,” Mackay added.

“During summer this year, I could go weeks without seeing him and it never worried me as I knew he was okay and everyone was looking out for him.

“He is home more now during the winter however it is just to eat and sleep and he is straight back out. However, I believe it is best to leave Tommy here in Lerwick where I will know he will always be safe and loved by everyone.”

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