News round-up / Yacht towed to safety, head shave raises cash, algae at Clickimin, artists needed

THE LERWICK lifeboat came to aid of a yacht drifting towards rocks at the south end of Bressay on Friday morning.

The tour boat Ruby May initially assisted the Danish registered sailing vessel Amingha as she drifted towards the shore.

The Amingha was towed towards the Bight of Ham where the lifeboat then took over, bringing her to the fuel berth in Lerwick.

Mariel Leask.

A LOCAL woman has raised over £1,000 for two charities by having her head shaved.

Mariel Leask will give the money to the Shetland MRI scanner appeal, and Macmillan Cancer Support.

She is also due to give her chopped-off locks to the Little Princess Trust.

Mariel said she was raising money for the two causes because “sadly too many of my family and friends have been taken too soon or devastated by cancer whether it be my granny/grandad/aunts/cousins/friends or friends relatives”.

SHETLAND Islands Council has confirmed that blue-green algae has been found in Clickimin Loch in Lerwick.


Signs have been set up around the loch, warning that contact with the algae should be avoided.

Adjoining landowners and local land users have been advised of the situation, as have NHS Shetland, Shetland Recreational Trust, the Anderson High School and Shetland Anglers Association.

Blue-green algae can sometimes cause skin rashes, eye irritations, vomiting, diarrhoea, fever and pains in muscles and joints, while it is known to have killed livestock and dogs.

SHETLAND Arts is looking to commission three new works to be presented at an upcoming conference on creativity.


Shoormal will be held in Lerwick on 18-20 September in conjunction with Shetland Arts, the Centre for Rural Creativity and the University of the Highlands and Islands.

It will feature presentations from local, national and internal delegates, and it will focus on creative practice, the environment, innovation, islands solutions, digital collaboration and heritage and culture.

Submissions for the commissions can be of any art form, although they will have to be presented in the Mareel auditorium.

Each successful commission will be required to share a short live performance in response to one of these conference themes:

Shaping Futures: Looking to the future and asking how we get there

The Space Between: Exploring the spaces between land and sea, human and non-human, dispersed communities and island places.

Heritage and Resilience: Exploring heritage-making practices and how they shape resilience in cultural, community and ecological terms.

There will be one artist picked per theme. Those selected will receive between £500 and £1,500 as a contribution towards their work.

Anyone interested in submitting a proposal can contact kathryn.spence@shetlandarts.org

More information on Shoormal can be read here.