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Petition opposing salmon farm in Muckle Roe launched

A PETITION has been launched opposing plans for a new eight-cage salmon farm at the south end of Muckle Roe.

Some residents in the picturesque area are objecting to Grieg Seafood Shetland’s plans, which would comprise eight 120m circumference cages and a feed barge, and result in the creation of five jobs.

The petition objects on the grounds that it would: affect the quality of life of residents nearby through disruption from noise and light pollution, affect wildlife including a resident seal colony, impact on leisure activities such as kayaking and diving, and result in salmon and feed waste ending up on surrounding beaches in a scenic area “enjoyed by locals and tourists alike”.

So far the petition, started by local resident Ryan Johnson, has attracted over 150 signatures. Several of the comments from objectors say they are not opposed to the practice of salmon farming in general, but simply take issue with the proposed location.

Last week Johnson – who plans to raise the matter at Thursday’s Delting Community Council meeting – told Shetland Newsa lot of folk are quite annoyed about it” and suggested there were “plenty of places across the other side of the voe that is appropriate for them”.

In repsonse, Grieg Seafood Shetland managing director Grant Cumming said the process was “early doors” and could either change after representations are made or never even reach fruition.

“We’re not even at the planning application stage yet,” he said. “We’re always happy to listen to feedback and we’ll take it on board. If we end up with a planning application we would certainly be looking to consult locally.