Letters / Urgent solution needed

The Zetland Motor Cycle Club (ZMCC) committee wish to express their support for Steve Henry and Shetland Motorbike Training (SMT).

We are concerned that SMT are set to lose the motorcycle and vehicle training area above the old Anderson School, a move which directly threatens the survival of this business (Concerns raised as DVSA fails to find new site for motorbike and LGV tests; SN, 12/3/18).


Many of our members have benefitted from Steve’s commitment, training and experience over the years. It is essential that high quality training continues to be available locally, this will only be possible if long term classified premises for training and testing is secured.

Steve Henry provides an essential service for motorcyclists in Shetland. Learners would otherwise have to travel south for training at great expense to themselves and great loss to the Shetland economy.

For some the cost of travel, accommodation and time away from work or study would simply be prohibitive. Last year we had 120 active members with over 70 already signed up for this season.

It would be a great loss if in future, our members are not able to train with Steve, safely and locally on Shetland roads. We would urge all parties involved to seek an urgent solution to this problem.

Zetland Motor Cycle Club committee