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Letters / SLAP run by Viking?

It appears that SLAP – a strange company totally independent of the Shetland Charitable Trust but answerable to it – apart from it’s handsomely rewarded chairman, is totally run by Viking Energy people.

Do Bill Manson and Michael Thomson give their services voluntarily, or are they rewarded by SLAP/Shetland Charitable Trust? Were they appointed as directors of SLAP by the Charitable Trust?

The same applies to the PR firm appointed to the tune of £14,000 by the cash strapped charitable trust.

The PR team is headed by Paul Riddell, also heavily involved in Shetland renewables. Then along comes Lisa Ward, who at one point was an employee of VE and also is the daughter of an investor.

The now trust chairman Hunter, was spokesman for the amorphous Windfarm Supporters Group (a group with apparently no office bearers nor yet constitution) at the time Viking Energy was passed at the planning committee by only nine out of 22 councillors.

Apparently Hunter resigned from this position shortly after but was too coy to go public about it until a considerable time afterwards.

Now, let us not forget councillor and trustee Drew Ratter who signed the Busta Agreement on behalf of the Shetland people. Seemingly because of ‘commercial sensitivities’ no-one is allowed to see it.

I had hoped that some of the individual trustees would have had some opinions on this latest HNP farce – but so far they have been strangely silent.

It is apparent to me that quite a number of these positions are reserved solely for supporters of the great ‘community project’ that is Viking Energy.

Donnie Morrison