Algae bloom warning

ANGLERS and local people have been advised to avoid any contact with the water of Cliff Loch, in Unst, as it is contaminated with blue-green algae.

Shetland Islands Council’s environmental health department has posted notices in local shops and next to the loch itself warning of the algae scum.

A spokes woman said that adjoining landowners and fishing interests have been advised as have the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency and NHS Shetland.

At this stage there is no adverse effect on water supplies and the actions taken are precautionary.

Blue-green algae bloom occurs naturally when they form scums looking like blue-green paint.

Effects on people coming into contact with toxic scums could include skin rashes, eye irritations, vomiting and diarrhoea, fever and pains in muscles and joints.

Toxic algae have caused deaths of livestock and dogs.