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In brief for 30 August 2010

Electoral roll

AS THE electoral register is being updated, Shetland’s electoral registration officer Ian Leslie is calling on islanders to ensure their details are on the register.

Every household in the isles should either have received a form to fill in, or will be receiving one over the next few days, and are requested to complete and return the form as soon as they can.

Mr Leslie said: “The Scottish Parliamentary elections will be held next year. A referendum on how you vote for your MP at Westminster is also proposed for next year.

“If your name is not included in the Register of Electors you will be unable to participate in these.”

Any household not receiving a form or anyone having any queries should contact the electoral registration office on 01595 745700 or ero@shetland.gov.uk


Romania project

FUNDRAISING for the Shetland to Romania Orphanage Project 2011 continues with a number of local companies donating prizes for the charity’s raffle.

Nine volunteers hope to raise £12,000 by next summer and travel to Transylvania to help run orphanages and plan activities for hundreds of underprivileged children in the south east European country.

In response the group’s activities, help has also been offered from Oxfordshire-based organisation Relax Kids.

Anyone who wants to help the local group in any way is asked to contact the project on markandjenny8018@aol.com