In brief for 28 April 2010

Midwife inquiry

TWO SHETLAND women have been given medical advice after being contacted as part of an investigation into a midwife working at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital.

The investigation, which will go back 20 years, was launched after a complaint was received by Grampian police following complaints from colleagues. The midwife has been suspended and 22 mothers have been contacted.


NHS Shetland contacted the two local mothers last week and they have been in touch with an obstetrician from Grampian health board.

Medical director Ken Graham said: “We are assured that it’s very unlikely that any harm has come to these mothers or their babies.”


Alcohol cash

NHS Shetland is to receive more than £430,000 to help tackle islanders’ harmful drinking habits.

The money is part of a £36 million national programme to help people address their excessive drinking.

Health secretary Nicola Sturgeon said: “It’s vital that we tackle Scotland’s drinking culture – too many people are drinking too much, too often and although they may not realise it it’s having a detrimental effect on their health.


“This funding will allow boards to continue their work to help people address their drinking before they cause lasting health damage.”


Special constables

POLICE in Shetland are looking for people willing to spare some time to serve as special constables.

Sergeant Paul Daley said the force was particularly keen to hear from those living in the outlying islands to help in their local area.

Special constables have the same powers as full time police officers, wear the same uniform and get involved in all aspects of policing in Shetland.


Anyone interested in joining the special constabulary or would like some more information should contact Sgt Daley or Dianne Bryant at Lerwick police station on 01595 692110.

More details can also be found at: www.northernconstabularycareers.co.uk



FOUR drivers in Shetland have been charged with speeding offences after being caught breaking the 20 miles per hour speed limit outside Lerwick’s Sound primary school.

Police said they had carried out speed checks on Monday and Tuesday following complaints from concerned parents.

Over the last few years Shetland Islands Council has imposed a 20 mph speed limit most island schools.


POLICE checking vehicles parked beside the football fields at Clickimin have found several which do not have up to date insurance, MOT or tax documentation, after concerns were raised by local people.

The police are reminding vehicle owners that all vehicles require up to date documents, even if parked up with a ‘for sale’ notice on display.


No water

AROUND 30 households in Swinister, Sandwick, lost their water supply early on Tuesday morning after a mains pipe burst. Engineers had supplies back on tap by 9am.