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Lowrie – the new media megastar

‘LOWRIE da pig’ is more than just a little piglet happy to be alive after being pulled as the weakest from a litter of piglets born on a croft in Wester Quarff, in Shetland.

In the two weeks since Lowrie moved from the pigsty into Heather Davidson’s sitting room, he has not just grown into a real Babe but has also become a Facebook megastar with a steadily growing community of fans from around the globe.

What started as a laugh between friends Heather and Brenda Laurenson has by now developed into an astonishing social networking phenomenon with a life of its own.

Well above 4,000 fans are by now regularly  flocking to Lowrie’s Facebook site desperate to hear the latest from this much adored piglet.

A slightly overwhelmed Brenda said: “It has been phenomenal; we had such a great response. He obviously has touched people’s heart.

“People want to hear more of him, they are asking for more photos and videos. I put a pig fact on every day – and I get a lot of reactions to the comments that are on.”

She added: “There was one comment where somebody said ‘Lowrie you touched my heart and made me smile’. If he can do that then, I think, it is worthwhile doing this.”

But Lowrie is still a baby and needs a bottle every few hours. And despite all his many female fans, this is the only thing he really cares about.

He squeaks and gets all excited and full of anticipation when Heather warms up his bottle in the microwave.

His fate is still to be decided. At present everybody is enjoying the unexpected attention the little piglet has sparked off.

Having developed such a close relationship with Lowrie both Heather and Brenda feel apprehensive about returning him to his brothers and sisters, and the inevitable fate they face.

In fact Heather has a surprising idea: “He is just a Babe. The lambing is coming shortly and we hope we can train him up to help with that.

“I then hope that we will get a phone call from Hollywood since he is so famous on Facebook”.

Lowrie’s adventures can be followed at: www.facebook.com/lowriedapig