NHS Shetland - Survey - March 2021

Court / Dangerous driver handed a year’s ban

A YOUNG man has lost his driving licence for a year after being found guilty of dangerous driving at Lerwick Sheriff Court on Thursday.

The court heard that police followed 21-year-old Ryan Kirk at speeds of up to 115mph for two miles from the Ladies Drive roundabout to beyond the Brig o’ Fitch.

They had spotted Kirk taking the roundabout at excessive speed at half past midnight on 8 July and decided to “have a word” with him.

But the unmarked police car was hindered by traffic and Kirk’s Volkswagen Golf was 500 yards ahead by the time they reached the 40mph limit at the Lerwick Power Station.

Police witnesses said that they reached speeds of 85mph in the 40mph zone and up to 115mph in the 60mph road at Frakkafield following Kirk, who slowed down to take the bend at the Brig o’ Fitch.

The police finally drew close to Kirk and switched their blue lights on and he stopped shortly after passing the Scalloway junction.

Kirk was cautioned and charged with dangerous driving. But the trainee welder, from Griesta, said that although his driving had fallen well below the acceptable standard and he admitted breaking the speed limit, he did not accept his driving had been dangerous.

Considering three hours’ worth of evidence, Sheriff Ian Cruickshank said that there were discrepancies between the police version of events and Kirk’s – notably the speeds that each claimed Kirk had been driving at.

The sheriff said that he could not accept Kirk’s account and found his driving to be dangerous.

He fined him £800 and banned him from driving for a year. Kirk will also have to pass an extended test of competence before he gets his licence back.