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Tavish urges restoration of ADS

IN A LAST ditch attempt, Shetland MSP Tavish Scott is urging the Scottish government once more to restore in full the air discount scheme.

Under ADS, flights from the Scottish islands to the mainland are 40 per cent cheaper, The scheme was introduced by Mr Scott in 2006 when he was Scottish transport minister.

In April last year, the SNP government stopped charities, voluntary and business people from islands using the scheme, arguing it did not comply with EU regulations.

Mr Scott said on Wednesday: “The European Commission approved the Scottish Islands ADS in 2006. They did so on the same basis as Corsica, Sardinia and other Islands where residency is the only criteria that is applied.

“In this Scottish budget the Nationalists should restore in full ADS. They have no reason not to. The EC doesn’t expect any change otherwise the schemes in Sardinia and Corsica would have to change.”

In addition to restoring the ADS scheme, Tavish Scott said he is pressing for more investment in social housing and colleges within the Scottish budget.

“I believe that in addition to fully restoring ADS, extra money should be found for new housing and college places.

“Hjaltland Housing Association and Shetland College would use any additional funds very effectively in building new homes, employing local builders and keeping college courses running to help people into work.”