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Boy racer claims he’s changed his ways

A REFORMED boy racer was fined £650 at Lerwick Sheriff Court on Thursday after he admitted careless driving and speeding.

The court heard that 19 year old Thomas Currie, of Stennestwatt, Walls, had accelerated harshly from a standing start while another car was trying to overtake him on Lerwick’s King Harald Street, on 31 August last year.

Procurator fiscal Duncan Mackenzie said that Currie had waited until the car was abreast of him before hitting the accelerator.

He added: “The accused could be described as of the boy racer fraternity and his driving manner is of that type. The concept of smooth and progressive driving is one that would be alien to him.”

However defence agent Tommy Allan claimed that Currie had changed his ways, swapping his souped-up Ford Focus for a fuel efficient VW Bora that he now used to drive to his new job as a landscape gardener in Burra. “He would have it that he has put his boy racer days behind him,” he said.

Mr Allan said that there was no intention to race the other driver, but he accepted he had driven off without looking behind him.

He also said he was in a hurry at 11.45pm on 16 October last year when he drove at 51mph in a 30mph zone on Lerwick’s South Lochside.

Sheriff Graeme Napier said he would give Currie a chance to prove he had changed, giving him nine penalty points and fining him £450 for the careless driving and £200 for speeding.



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