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WWII ammunition to be destroyed

Bomb disposal team officers (left to right) ‘Sticky’ Cunningham, Jon Robinson and Garth Spence. Photos: Chris Cope/Shetland News

EXPLOSIVES experts from Faslane have arrived in Shetland to dispose of World War II ammunition found on the seabed near Sellaness at the weekend.

CDO diver Garth Spence said the bullets were part of a magazine rack of a machine gun which is thought to have come from a Naval ship.

The magazine rack of a Lewis machine gun from World War II was found by a local diver near Sellaness at the weekend.

The item was recovered by a diver at the weekend and handed in to Lerwick police station, where it had been stored until the three-man disposal team headed up from the mainland.

The ammunition will be dug into an embankment at Staney Hill quarry on the outskirts of Lerwick in a controlled explosion at Friday lunchtime.

“From my research, it’s from a Lewis machine gun from World War II,” Spence said.

“It’s the magazine rack of the machine gun. As the gun fired it would load. It was the early ages of automatic weapons.”

He added that the exact origins of the ammunition are unclear.

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