Radio Shetland gears up for winter

Beto Getto, Lewie Peterson, Bryan Peterson, Daniel Gear and Amy Fisher get sucked into The Black Hole

With winter knocking on the door, BBC Radio Shetland is gearing up for another season of late programmes.

The station broadcasts a wide range of music and speech-based programmes every weeknight from 6.10 to 7pm from the beginning of October through to the end of April, and this year sees the return of many old favourites along with outings from a few newcomers.

Jeff 'Dr Jazz' Merrifield

‘Doctor Jazz’ Jeff Merrifield will be taking to the airwaves for a couple of sessions between now and Christmas – he’ll be presenting a rich mix of jazz, from the pure New Orleans to the wildest experimentations of Albert Ayler, John Coltrane and anything in between – or beyond.

A nominee for a Scottish Jazz Award this year, in the ’80s and ’90s he helped run a popular club in Essex, and is currently planning Shetland’s first jazz festival.

Another new entrant each month on a Thursday night is The Black Hole – courtesy of producer Mark Inchley – with news, views and mindless gossip all squeezed into BBC Radio Shetland’s newest chat show. Cheaper than a night in the pub…but the hangover might be worse.

There’s another new music programme on offer this winter, when Jordan Ogg and Carol Anderson present The Pitt Lane Sessions on a Monday night – featuring live music and chat with Shetland’s best contemporary bands and musicians.


They’ll also be dipping into the Radio Shetland archives to uncover some musical gems from the past.

Many ‘old musical pros’ are returning again in October – Barbara Cheyne’s back with some music and chat Fae Hameaboot, while Gussie Angus and Cecil Hughson will be tickling your fancy with some more dance music in Catgut & Ivory.

Folk fans will be tuning in to Steve Davidson and Gary Peterson’s monthly programme Oota Da Cans, and Alex Goodlad returns for another funkfest every four weeks in Pet Sounds.


Veterans Jim Pearson and Sheila Manson are back as ever with Wir Kinda Country; blues fans will be treated to some tasty beats in the company of Jimmy Carlyle with Shades of Blue, and if your tastes run to bluegrass, JJ Jamieson returns in November.

Away from the music, Mary Blance is back again with her two programmes In Aboot Da Night and The Books Programme.

Carol Anderson dives once more into Radio Shetland’s massive back catalogue for The Archives Programme, and Mike Grundon and Val Turner return with the award-winning outdoors programme Beyond the Briggistanes.

Jane Moncrieff, Jordan Ogg and Eunice Henderson will be whetting your appetite once again in Shetland’s Larder every month, and watch out for the roundtable topical discussion programme Speakeasy on a Wednesday night.

There’s also a range of special documentaries, focussing on everything from the folk festival to the recently-restored Belmont House in Unst.  So, tune in each weeknight at 6.10pm to 92.7 FM, for BBC Radio Shetland’s winter late programmes.