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Court / Man admits assaulting victim with metal baton before stamping on head

Lerwick Sheriff Court
Lerwick Sheriff Court.

A MAN who admitted carrying out an assault with a metal rod – before stamping on the victim’s head – will be sentenced next month.

Lerwick Sheriff Court heard on Wednesday that Matthew Williamson, of the town’s Norgaet, left footwear imprints on the man’s head from the stamping.

The 21-year-old admitted assaulting a man at an address in Brae on 9 May by striking him on the head and body with a metal baton, thereby knocking him to the ground, and repeatedly punching and kicking him on the head and boy.

Williamson also pleaded guilty to repeatedly stamping him on his head, all to his injury.

In addition, he admitted an offensive weapon in public charge relating to the baton.

Procurator fiscal Duncan Mackenzie said the complainer was with a friend in a garden shed socialising.

The court heard that Williamson turned up at around 5pm and asked the complainer’s mother to speak to him.

Williamson was directed to the shed and when he entered the baton was in “open view”, Mackenzie said.

“Without any preamble or explanation, he began to strike the complainer on the head with the baton,” the fiscal continued.

Mackenzie described the item as being made of solid metal and “dense”.

The assault continued with strikes to the head and body, causing the complainer to fall to the ground, before Williamson then punched him in a “sustained assault”.

“The complainer could do no more than simply try to avoid the accused’s blows,” Mackenzie said.

During the incident Williamson said the complainer had been spreading rumours about him, which the victim denied.

The complainer’s mother as well as neighbours were alerted by the noise, and the police were called.

Mackenzie said the complainer “did not have serious injuries” but suffered bruising.

“The pattern of the accused’s footwear was imprinted quite noticeably on the complainer’s face,” he added.

Sheriff Ian Cruickshank called for criminal justice social work reports and deferred the case until 5 January 2022, when Williamson’s defence agent will give mitigation.

But he said “stamping on the head is just about as bad as it can get”.

Williamson’s bail was continued, and Sheriff Cruickshank granted a crown motion to forfeit the baton.


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