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Letters / Please sign the petition

Regardless of we islanders get a discount traveling on NorthLink, it’s always been part of the journey where we’ve also received a 20 per cent discount on food and drink.

It’s still expensive to travel to and from the mainland and discounts have not only been a tradition for as many years I can remember, but is a reflection of not only the isolation of where we live, but is an acknowledgement of a 12 hour journey to and from the mainland.

Serco who owns NorthLink were awarded a six-year contract by the Scottish Government in 2019 which was worth around £450 million to Serco.

To add insult to injury Serco’s profits are 50 per cent higher this year at £125 million, so to profit from we islanders is totally unnecessary and money grabbing – and now to have to pay £3 for a simple cup of tea is obscene.

Serco do NOT deserve to operate NorthLink and we should all campaign that Serco should lose its contract. Please sign the petition below!

Kerrie Meyer