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Community / Red Cross looks for more volunteers while praising isles’ community

THE RED Cross in Shetland is seeking emergency volunteer support workers to help out with the coronavirus.

The organisation has so far added about 30 emergency volunteers to help its existing 14 emergency and independent living volunteers but is seeking people to join up in Fetlar, Foula and Fair Isle.

Lerwick based Red Cross services manager for independent living in Scotland Nicola Stove said that the local response had been outstanding and brought out the best in the local community, with Shetland mainland and the larger isles all covered by volunteers.

The volunteers will be able to help by making coordinated calls to those at risk or who are in self-isolation and those already vulnerable in the community; making up supplies; distributing supplies and recording information.

Stove said that no one will be put at risk and volunteers will not be expected to deal with the public one to one.

She added: “Everyone is being impacted by this: it will be affecting all of wis and the whole work force.

“Shetland is a fantastic example of the community coming together and helping or offering to help and that demonstrates fantastic support in Shetland.

“If we can optimise the amazing support of the Shetland folk then that will be fantastic. Everyone is so worried and scared now, this response highlights Shetland is the best place to live.”

People who want to volunteer can sign up to be a community reserve volunteer on the Red Cross website or contact Nicola via phone on 01595 695498 or 07599 740475 or email Nicola on nstove@redcross.org.uk

Volunteers will be put through a quick training course before being put to help the community.

The Red Cross locally is compiling a document of who can provide whatever sort of help. This mammoth task will seek to include all offers of help and support from local businesses and organisations.

While there has been much trawling of Facebook by the Red Cross team to identify sources of help, people can get in touch with the Red Cross directly.

A limited number of emergency food parcels with three-days supply of food will be distributed shortly by the Red Cross, and the organisation will also be providing parcels of sanitary supplies to those hospitalised or confined to hospital by the Covid-19 virus.

Stove said that some of the people affected by the bug, whether quarantined or in self-isolation, will already be struggling to feed themselves or suffering other hardship and the Red Cross is working in conjunction with Shetland Foodbank, though it is sourcing its supplies independently.

Stove, who has responsibility for Scotland north of Dundee, and her team, have been rushed off their feet, but says the community can play a huge part in helping itself.

Community help is also organised via the Support for Self-Isolation Shetland Facebook group.