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Lerwick Sheriff Court round up

Drugged up driver
A THIRTY four year old man who got into his car in Tesco’s car park was so heavily drugged that only his seatbelt prevented him from falling out of the driver’s seat, Lerwick Sheriff Court heard on Wednesday.

Martyn McConnell, of Daisy Park, Baltasound, admitted driving while unfit through drink or drugs at Lerwick’s Esplanade on 7 March.

Shoppers who saw him staggering to his car outside the supermarket were so concerned they called the police.

Procurator fiscal Duncan Mackenzie told the court that when police approached the vehicle he was “so impaired” he was physically unable to open the car door.

Samples found no alcohol in his system, but analysis did discover tramadol, diazepam and the psychoactive substance MDA.

Defence agent Tommy Allan said his client had recently lost his partner of 12 years to cancer.

Imposing an interim disqualification, Sheriff Philip Mann said he still had to take a serious view and deferred until 28 October for a social work report.

No police chase
A seaman from Burra admitted committing a series of motoring offences which came to light following a minor road crash this summer.

Fifty nine year old James Fullerton of Altaness, Hamnavoe, admitted careless driving when he came upon a queue of traffic in Cunningsburgh on Sunday 23 August.

He braked heavily, skidded and hit a traffic cone, which went on to damage another car, before ending up in a roadside ditch.

Procurator fiscal Mackenzie told Lerwick Sheriff Court on Wednesday that Fullerton managed to get the car out of the ditch with the help of a local tractor.

He then failed to stop for the blue lights and sirens of a police car, overtaking vehicles and continuing for “probably in excess of a mile”.

Fullerton also admitted taking the car in question without the consent of its owner – his partner, who was on holiday – and driving while banned and uninsured.

Defence agent Allan said Fullerton was taking the car back to the house, there was no police chase, and he cooperated fully with officers when they spoke to him.

Sheriff Mann called for a social work report and adjourned the case until 28 October.

Vile abuse

A TWENTY nine year old woman who directed “vile abuse and threats” at nurses in Lerwick’s Gilbert Bain Hospital has been warned that she could face jail.

Sarah Irvine, of North Road, Lerwick, admitted breaching the peace by shouting, swearing and threatening violence at the hospital on 2 April this year.

She also admitted shouting, swearing and threatening two women with violence at her home address on 15 May.

That day she went on to threaten to harm herself before shouting, swearing and calling two police constables derogatory names.

Irvine also pled guilty to assaulting a female police officer in the execution of her duty and attempting to spit at her at Lerwick police station on 26 May.

Procurator fiscal Mackenzie said that when she was drunk, Irvine’s behaviour was “just terrible”.

He said staff and members of the public at the hospital simply should not have to put up with such conduct.

Sheriff Mann said it seemed to be a case of “more of the same” from Irvine, telling her he would “have to reflect on whether you should retain your liberty within the community” given the serious nature of her offences.

The case was continued until 28 October and the sheriff warned he would be “looking at all options”.

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