Letters / Find funding elsewhere

Having read Gary Robinson’s letter Preparing for financial hardship (SN 4/6/14) I couldn’t help but be struck by the sad irony of his closing statement:

“So I would argue that by failing to shift resources from an area of decreasing demand (education) to an area of increasing demand (care for the elderly) we would only be storing up trouble for ourselves in the future.I for one wouldn’t li


ke to be a pensioner in need of care in Arrochar in 20 years’ time”

Care for the elderly is important, I don’t think you will find many that disagree; it is an issue that will probably affect most of us, some sooner than others.

I appreciate that the council do not have a bottomless money pit, I appreciate the books need to be balanced, I was taught to live within my means and I expect a responsible council to do the same.


Education is an issue that affects all of us, and its influence is unarguably far reaching. I would argue that it has a bearing on everything we say and do, every single day of our lives.

So should investment in education be cut, the monies saved to be diverted to caring for the elderly? Does the demand or requirement for education really ever decrease?

It’s a bit like removing free music tuition and spending a ridiculous fortune on a music venue.

An investment in education is by default an investment in everything that comes after.

If there is more money needed for care of the elderly, please, try to find it somewhere else.

Craig Nicol