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Measles warning


NHS SHETLAND has renewed its call for teenagers and young people to be vaccinated against the threat of measles, one of the most highly infectious diseases.

Dr Susan Laidlaw said that although there had not been any cases of measles in Shetland for several years, local uptake of the MMR jab (mumps, measles and rubella) was still not high enough to prevent an outbreak.

The consultant in public health medicine is encouraging parents of teenagers, and teenagers themselves, to check they have had two doses of MMR.

“If they have not, then they should make an appointment with their GP practice to have the jabs,” she said.

The north west of England is currently affected by a large outbreak of the disease with over 100 confirmed cases.

“Clearly parents have a choice, but we believe they should make their decision based on scientific evidence.

“We would urge all parents to get their child immunised with MMR when they are invited by their GP and to seriously consider the risks if they leave their child unprotected,” she said.

Further information on MMR can be found at: www.immunisationscotland.org.uk