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Lerwick Sheriff Court round up

More time to pay

 A MOSSBANK man who defrauded a neighbour of £12,500 by selling her a second hand motor home at an inflated price has been given more time to settle his debt.

David Hynes, aged 52, of 4 Leaside, has already paid more than £4,000 to the woman. At Lerwick Sheriff Court he was given 12 months to stump up an extra £2,400, at £200 a month.

Hynes told the court that he had “lost track” of how much he had paid after only recently returning to work. He will have to come back to court next May to see if he has been keeping up with the payments.


A FORMER heroin addict who assaulted a man on Lerwick’s Commercial Road in March after giving up his drug habit has been placed on a nine month supervision order and told to carry out 100 hours of voluntary work.

Graeme Hannah, of Westcliffe, Hamnavoe, Burra, admitted punching the man on the head and knocking him to the ground, an offence described as “frankly fairly horrific” in court, though his victim was not injured.

Defence agent Tommy Allan said the 22 year old had been drinking after receiving some particularly bad news and accepted he should not behave like that. Mr Allan added that Hannah deserved credit for tackling his drug problems and transforming his life

Sheriff Graeme Napier rejoined: “Unfortunately that transformation seems to have resulted in him assaulting someone, which is not something he previously did.”

Shouting and swearing

A YOUNG Lerwick couple who were arrested after shouting and swearing at each other were in the dock on Wednesday.

Twenty year old Angela Patterson, of 40 Haldane Burgess Crescent, and her 18 year old boyfriend Trevor Couper, of 37 Cairnfield Road, both admitted threatening and abusive behaviour at Patterson’s house on 2 May. She also admitted assaulting Couper by repeatedly striking him on the head.

Defence agent Tommy Allan said the incident had been “a wake up call” for Couper to moderate his drinking, otherwise the relationship would be over.

Sentence was deferred on Patterson for nine months for her to be of good behaviour, while Couper was ordered to carry out 120 hours of unpaid work for this offence and an earlier one of resisting arrest. He has also been placed under a supervision order for nine months, which will be reviewed in August.


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