News round-up / Athlete travel scheme, works licence application

APPLICATIONS are now open for the second year of the Shetland Athlete Travel Award Scheme.

Last year saw swimmers Katie Bain, Mark Hutcheon, Kayla Manson, Adam Millar, Jasmin Smith, Lauren Sandison, along with runners Katie Bristow and Seumas Mackay, each receive grants of up £1,500.

It is open to applicants who reside in Shetland, and who are competing at a national or international level in their sport or who are part of a regional squad in a team sport.


Applicants should be able to demonstrate a commitment to developing their own sports performance.

Shetland Islands Council’s sport and leisure manager Neil Watt said: “Last year’s scheme benefited eight Shetland athletes to support their high performance training and to attend competitions on the Scottish mainland. We’d be really pleased to receive applications again for year two of the scheme.”

More information can be found online here.

A WORKS licence has been submitted to Shetland Islands Council for the installation of a subsea fibre optic cable in the Fair Isle channel as part of a project linking the US with Ireland and Norway.

The Havfrue cable, which is four centimetres in diameter, aims to increase “telecommunication reliability and diversity” between the regions, as well as increase data transmission capacity and speeds.

It is due to come within 12 nautical miles of Shetland as it passes from west to east towards Norway.

The cable will be owned and operated by Optibulk Havfrue As, America Europe Connect 2 Limited, Edge Network Services Limited and Google Infrastructure Bermuda Limited.