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Marking World Oceans Day

Hrossey arriving in Lerwick. Photo: Austin Taylor

LIFELINE ferry operator Serco NorthLink have said they are now recycling more than three quarters of its waste after having started phasing out single plastic use on board its passenger ferries.

To mark #WorldOceansDay the company said it has significantly reduced its use of single use plastic and is minimising its carbon footprint.

Managing director Stuart Garrett said: “NorthLink Ferries operate in a part of the world which is rich in sea life. Many species of dolphins, seals and otters call the Northern Isles their home, and more than a million breeding seabirds visit the region each summer.

“It’s not possible to work surrounded by such outstanding beauty without feeling alarm at the vast collections of plastic reported in our oceans. We take our responsibility for preserving this beautiful region and its wildlife very seriously.”

In September last year NorthLink announced that it was removing disposable cups and plastic lids from passenger cabins.

“Since then we have removed all plastic straws, cotton buds, portion pots and polystyrene cups, replacing them with veg ware and reusable alternatives,” Garrett said. “We are also close to completing our phase out of plastic lined cold drinks cups.”

One million sea birds and 100,000 marine mammals are killed every year from plastic in our oceans, according to UN statistics.

Meanwhile, Frankie’s Fish & Chips, Britain’s most northerly chippie, is reminding customers that fish sold in the Brae eatery has been caught using sustainable methods.

Manager Carlyn Kearney said: “We continue to source and promote sustainable fish and shellfish at Frankie’s and we pass this information on to our customers where they can see the Marine Stewardship Council blue fish logo on our menus.”

For more information about World Oceans Day, visit: http://www.un.org/en/events/oceansday/