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Public to be consulted about ‘active travel hubs’

Any "active transport hubs" would look to tie in with existing public transport by bus and ferry.

PUBLIC sector organisations and tourism bodies in Shetland are launching a survey to gather the community’s views on the possibility of developing a network of “active travel hubs” across Shetland.

Shetland Islands Council, NHS Shetland, ZetTrans and tourism bodies are teaming up to explore options which could encourage more folk to leave their cars behind and get from A to B on foot or by bike.

Funding from the Scottish Government is helping with the cost of the survey, and the results will help shape applications for more external funds to develop the project further.

The organisations said choosing to walk or ride instead of using the car offered the dual benefits of reducing carbon emissions and improving physical health.

The future development of any “hubs” would be linked wherever possible to existing public transport such as buses and ferries.

The survey will gauge views on issues such as the possibility of new ticketing and payment options, extending the existing smart card system, and the potential for extending the network of charge points for electric vehicles.

SIC transport policy and projects officer Peter Mogridge said: “It’s rare to come across a genuine win-win situation in life, but deciding to walk or cycle instead of going by car is exactly that; you can do yourself – and the planet – some good even if it’s just once a week or for part of your journey.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for folk to let us know how they think we could develop local services to help them increase their physical activity and reduce their carbon footprint.”

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