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Letters / Blind prejudice against Edinburgh

At long last Solan and Bonxie (surely one of them should have been named Albatross) are being removed from around the SIC’s neck (‘The future is Neapolitan for harbour tug’, SN 21/12/15).

Originally £7 million each, plus the costs of putting the defects right, I’m not surprised the sale price is “commercially sensitive”.

From a previous farce to a present day one: How can Wir Shetland hope to govern an autonomous Shetland, when the Chief Executive can’t even assimilate a newspaper article? Blind prejudice against anything and everything emanating from Edinburgh is not a good model of governance.

Don’t get me wrong, I am perfectly well aware that there are many Shetlanders eminently capable of running Shetland (interestingly, most of them are women) but the nepotism still prevalent in the islands today prevents progress.

Bill Hall

Torre del Mar, Spain


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