DJs’ food bank fundraiser

A PACKED club night at Baroc raised £774.65 for the Salvation Army’s local food bank service on Saturday night.

The Subtronic DJs – Saul Day and Marshall Brill – said it had been an “absolutely brilliant” night and they were “over the moon” that so much had been raised, thanking everyone who has supported their events throughout the year.


Subtronic is a regular club night featuring a mixture of local and well-established DJs and producers from further afield, playing a varied range of musical genres in a “fun and intimate atmosphere”.

Day said the pair recognised how important the local food bank – in particularly high demand due to the impact of UK government cuts and reforms to the welfare system – was.

He spoke of a “staggering” increase in benefit delays and sanctions following the Tory-Lib Dem coalition’s introduction of austerity measures.

“The local food bank is in high demand here,” Day said, “so in anticipating that our Christmas gig would be a busy night, we thought what better way to raise money for the important charitable service, which is helping support Shetland’s most needy.”