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First refloating attempt fails

The first attempt to refloat the Prospect was abandoned on Monday afternoon - Photo: Malcolm Younger/MIllgaet Media

A SECOND attempt to refloat the Banff registered fishing vessel Prospect will be made on Tuesday after Monday’s efforts had to be abandoned.

The Prospect sunk last Monday after hitting a marked rock while leaving Lerwick harbour to head for the fishing grounds.

Pollution concerns have been voiced after it emerged last week that the 20 metre wooden vessel had 22,000 litres of fuel on board.

Divers had worked all weekend to patch up the hole and attach up to a dozen huge floating buoys to the stricken vessel that lies in 15 metres of water at the north end of Lerwick harbour.

On Monday afternoon Lerwick harbour master Callum Grains said that the diving team hadn’t been happy with the performance of some of the flotation bags and subsequently cancelled the operation.

A spokesman added: “By 3.30 p.m. this afternoon, some floatation bags attached to the casualty were visible on the surface but further work will be required prior to the operation being at a stage where the vessel can be stabilised and made ready for a tow.

“As insufficient time remains to catch today’s slack tide, the lifting operation will be rescheduled. It may possibly take place tomorrow afternoon.”

The plan is to tow the vessel semi-submerged to the Greenhead Base to lift her further out of the water before pumps can be deployed to pump her dry.

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