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Doubles at Lerwick Squash Club

THE first doubles squash games of the winter season took place Clickimin Leisure Centre on Monday night as part of the Lerwick Squash Club open nights.

There was a good warm up led by Billy Mycock before three pairs took to the doubles squash – Craig Baxter and Gordon MacFarlane, Billy Mycock and Shirley Mills, Maria Forrester and Leanne Jamieson.

American scoring was played for all the games to keep the momentum up.

Billy and Shirley played some close points but Maria and Leanne dominated most of the games.  However for the final game Craig and Gordon pipped Maria and Leanne to the final match.

The Lerwick club holds open nights and doubles nights at the Clickimin on Monday evenings between 7 and 9pm.

They will be running until 13 December, and then between 10 January until 11 April 2011.

The next doubles games night will be played on 22 November. The Clickimin Centre’s doubles squash court in the only one in Scotland.