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Second court order against Greenpeace

OIL company Chevron has been granted a second court order to stop environmental pressure group Greenpeace from continuing their protest against deep sea drilling north of Shetland.

On Saturday Greenpeace were forced to abandon their occupation of the Stena Carron drilling ship just outside Lerwick harbour after five days during which they took up residence on the ship’s anchor chain.

The huge vessel immediately set sail for the Lagavulin oil prospect 160 miles north of Shetland, even though it has yet to receive a licence to actively explore the area.

Undeterred, Greenpeace activists set about stopping the Stena Carron from reaching its destination by entering the sea in front of the ship in diving suits and kayaks on Sunday.

However on Tuesday the Court of Session in Edinburgh granted Chevron another interdict, this time to prohibit Greenpeace and its activists from “impeding the

progress of the Stena Carron or taking any steps to block its path in any way or to otherwise interfere with Chevron’s lawful operations in its licensed blocks in the Shetland region”.

The company said they were now trying to serve the interdict on Greenpeace at their London headquarters and on those on board the organisation’s support vessel Esperanza.

In a statement the company said: “Chevron condemns the actions of Greenpeace in impeding the Stena Carron from going about its lawful business north of Shetland and having allowed its supporters to put themselves in danger by swimming in the path of the drillship and forcing it to a standstill.

“Chevron is concerned for the safety of those involved and, while we acknowledge and respect the right of Greenpeace to express its views by peaceful and lawful action, we deplore the recklessness of their actions so far and urge Greenpeace to respect the interdict granted by the court and cease these activities immediately.”