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Greenpeace on collision course over oil

ENVIRONMENTAL campaign group Greenpeace could be heading north to confront the oil industry “head on” over deep sea oil drilling.

The organisation’s ship Esperanza has set sail from London to head for one of the world’s deep sea drilling sites, though it has yet to identify whether it will be west of Shetland, Brazil, the Arctic or Nigeria.

Greenpeace has listed 10 potential targets where it intends to confront the industry over its “reckless pursuit of the last drops of oil on the planet”.

They have published a map at http://www.greenpeace.org.uk/files/gobeyondoil/index.html where people will be able to monitor the ship’s movements.

Greenpeace climate campaigner Leila Deen said: “It’s time to go beyond oil. A handful of powerful companies are taking huge risks with the natural world and our climate instead of developing the clean tools we need to fight climate change and end our crippling addiction to fossil fuels.

“This problem goes far beyond the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, and we’re going to confront what the 21st century oil business has become – desperate, dirty, and incredibly dangerous.”

Greenpeace says it is refusing to announce the ship’s final destination in order to put the entire industry on notice and prevent possible targets from employing an expensive PR response in advance.

It is also asking its UK supporters to email climate and energy secretary Chris Huhne to urge him to introduce a moratorium on deep-sea drilling in UK coastal waters.