Hnefatafl: Tim wins again

THE THIRD World Quickplay Hnefatafl championship was won by Tim Millar from

Somerset for the second year in a row.

As world champion Mr Millar, who is a glass sculptor, will have his name added to the trophy which he himself made and it will be displayed in the Fetlar Interpretive Centre.


He also won a carved wooden hnefatafl board made by Theresa New of newscatnessccarvings. She and her husband have recently created a new range of
pieces for their carved wooden and slate boards.

The new junior world champion is Dean Thomason, the first competitor with Shetland ancestry – his mother comes from Fetlar – to win a hnefatafl title. He won a boxed hnefatafl set as well as the board, set and set of rules given to every junior competitor every year.

The Fetlar Hnefatafl Panel (FHP) have been asked to present the same display in
the Lerwick museum as they did in the National Museum Scotland to add to the
display of the Lewis Chessmen.

Lerwick Museum will have the Lewis Chessmen from 22 January to 17 March 17 next year and FHP will use the learning room to provide a powerpoint display of
the game and how it is played as well as showing some pictures of boards and

There are also plans for evenings in the Fetlar Community Hall where anyone will
be able to drop in and Hnefatafl and associated games such as Tablut and Brandubh may be played.