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Drugs misuse warning

SHETLAND’s director of public health warned yesterday (Thursday) that people were putting their lives at risk when mixing drugs, or combining drugs and alcohol.

Dr Sarah Taylor’s message comes after emergency services had to deal with a number of cases whereby people who had overdosed had to be rushed to hospital to save their lives.

She urged drug users to seek help from the local network of support services, such as Community Alcohol and Drugs Services Shetland (CADSS).

Dr Taylor said: “I am aware of a number of drug overdoses in Shetland over the last few weeks, some of which have led to hospital admissions.

“There are health risks relating to the use of many illegal drugs (and legal drugs used recreationally) and I want to highlight in particular the dangers of mixing drugs, and of combining drugs and alcohol.

“People may put their lives at risk and it is part of my job to try and reduce the harm that can be caused by drugs and alcohol.

“We have good support services locally and we would urge people to ask for help in dealing with drug or alcohol problems.

“In an emergency, getting a quick response can make all the difference so if someone is very ill or unconscious; people are advised to contact the emergency services via 999.”