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Hollywood actor to star in Fetlar film

AN AMBITIOUS film project set on the remote Shetland island of Fetlar has received financial backing from the islands’ council.

Between Weathers is the working title for a full length light-hearted drama/comedy that looks at how a small island community beats the threat of depopulation in the 21st century.

Creative director of B4 Films, Jim Brown, was in Shetland this week for further discussions on the project.

Shetland Islands Council has now approved match funding of £23,669 towards production of a first and second draft screenplay for the film.

The aim of this project is to produce a final shooting script that will be taken to the Cannes Film Festival (12-23 May) and used to raise finance, obtain distribution deals and pitch to actors.

Between Weathers, which takes its title from a 2008 Shetland travelogue written by Ron MacMillan, could be shot as early as late summer this year.

Mr Brown said he was delighted and grateful for the council support and added that the project was now gathering pace.

“Carol McGregor of McDongall Films has been appointed as executive producer and Writer Mark Pie who has written for The Street (BBC) and Shameless (Channel 4) has also been taken on for the project.

“We have also already approached several top actors who are very interested and, indeed, fascinated by the opportunity to visit and work in Shetland on this film’.”

Speculation is already rife that Carol McGregor’s famous son Ewan could be one of the stars, but Mr Brown refused to be drawn, only saying that one Hollywood name was on the list of potential stars

The SIC hopes the project could generate similar positive impulses for the islands as the recent screening of Simon King’s Shetland Diaries on BBC2, or the ongoing impact of classic ‘Local Hero’ on the small village of Pennan.

The council’s head of marketing, Neil Henderson, said: “The council is always keen to attract positive filming work of all kinds to Shetland.”

Shetland Arts director Gwilym Gibbons added: “This is an exciting time for film development in Shetland and one that will no doubt lead to significant economic value to the isles in years to come.”